Communication from the Sending Stone

From Sending Stone

Day 7:

Sent: City is uneasy. Rumors abound of missing leaders, dragons, armies, cataclysms and prophecies. Guards are tense, criminal elements massing. How fares you and the keep?

Reply: Black altar has fallen. Cult of Dragon responsible. Status of keep is unknown.

Day 8:

Sent: Lords vanished. The Four as well. Dragons overfly city. Rest is rumors. Hellgate Keep awakened, Ruathym sack Luskan, Lady Alustriel missing. Stay alive Brother.

Reply: Cult in league with hobgoblin armies. Dragons overhead. Outer City fallen. Inner city holds. Your brother has fallen entrusted us with stone. Who are you?

Day 9

Sent: Who am I? Who are you? What happened to my brother? Why entrust stone to you? The world is mad. Can I trust you?

Reply: Brother died defending Black Altar from Dragon. Urged our escape. We are adventurers shanghaied into keep defense. Who do we have the pleasure of addressing?

Day 10

Sent: Nothing

Reply: Escaped Zhentil Keep. Circling around army. Making for the dales. How stands the West?

Day 16

Sent: Nothing

Reply: Teshwave taken by Orcs. Refugees from keep harried by dragons. Continuing to follow the north bank of Tesh. Harpers, searching for Elminster, slain by hobgoblins._

From Ward’s Parents

Sent: My Son! Where are you? How fare you? The doom of this age arrives. The portents are shadowed, but you feature therein. Can we assist?

Reply: Alive and well. Escaping Zhentil Keep. Dragons everywhere. Hobgoblin invasion. Having a wonderful time. Working on new song. Shopping for souvenirs. Hope all is well.

Communication from the Sending Stone

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