Dagor Bragollach

It could be worse I could have called it Nírnaeth Arnoediad

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War has come. It is unclear from where. Dragons fill the skies. Someone has to figure out what in the Nine Hells is going on, but not yet, right now your only job is to survive…

I promised that I would reward people that assisted with the wiki. As I said it wouldn’t be much, but if you feel so inclined I will give your character up to five bonus hit points. Here’s the scale:

+1 HP → You’ve made an edit, added some text. Basically anything.
+2 HP → You’ve created a page and added at least a sentence or two of content.
+3 HP → Your character has a page and you’ve added a reasonably complete history to the page.
+4 HP → Your character page has history, motivations and a picture.
+5 HP → A fully developed page about some aspect of the campaign. It can be about anything, but the most fruitful areas are probably those related to your backstory (The monastery for Glenn, Ward’s family for John, etc.)

If you really get into it I could go above +5, but I’m unlikely to go higher than an extra HP per level.

Yeah more hit points :)

Dagor Bragollach

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