Gau (Garrett)

Wild Child


AC: 14
HP: 16

Str: 12
Dec: 16
Con: 15
Int: 8
Wis: 14
Cha: 18

Constitution, Charisma saves
Athletics, Arcana, Insight, Survival


Gau, born Garrett, was raised as a normal farm boy on a small farm. His life was, by almost every definition of the word, average for a halfling farmer, at least as far as he could tell. His nickname of “Gau” came from the way he would try, and fail, to pronounce his own name when he was little. His father had some mental stability issues, but the presence of Gau’s mother provided ample support for the father. He was the first of a planned many kids, but every single attempt for his parents to have children resulted in a miscarriage. The last miscarriage even resulted in the death of Gau’s mother. With the trauma of the death of Gau’s mother, and his already less than stable mind, Gau’s father went insane after the mother’s death, declaring that Gau must be a demon child that killed its own mother (In actuality, it was Unable though, even in the depths of his madness, to kill Gau with his own hands, he instead left Gau in the forest to die.
By luck or fate, Gau did not die. Some mysterious creature, no more than a hazy shape in Gau’s memory, came along when Gau was on the brink of death and gave him his sorcerous powers. With this magic, Gau was able to survive. Though the first few years were tough, with Gau going to bed cold and hungry many nights, he learned, adapted, and eventually grew into a true creature of the forest.
This life was not to last for Gau, as the Elven Retreat caused many issues in his area of choice, the most significant of which was a group of drow coming to the surface. After witnessing a small group of elven pilgrims that had tarried too long get slaughtered by the drow, Gau knew the newcomers were extremely dangerous, and fled. He fled completely from the forest, and ending up resorting to begging off of caravans for food. Eventually, he struck the soft spot in one of the caravan leaders, a man by the name of Holdan (Gau just calls him Fuzz-face). He became sort of the group mascot, and since he helped out with lighting fires and guarding the caravan, no one minded him being along.
At this point, the campaign started.

Gau (Garrett)

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