Campaign Timeline

Day 0 – Elesias (August) 24, 1356 (Year of the Worm): Last evening spent in Hillsfar before departing.

Day 1: First day of travel from Hillsfar to Zhentil. Uneventful

Day 2: Second day of travel. Elves from Eldreth Veluutha (Elven group dedicated to eradicating all humans) ambush the party that night.

Day 3: Third day of travel. Will-o-wisp wanders into camp that night.

Day 4: Fourth day of travel. Attack by goblin outriders.

Day 5: Fifth day of travel. Word of the hobgoblin invasion arrives. Rest of the guards mutiny.

Day 6: Party arrives in Zhentil Keep midafternoon.

  • Immediately conscripted by the Zhents.
  • Assigned to guard the roof of the Black Altar
  • Black Altar assaulted by Cult of Dragon assisted by Dragons.
  • Party spared by Ancient Silver Dragon.
  • Wyvern-riding Wizard takes particular notice of the party.
  • Party spared by Ancient Silver Dragon, AGAIN!
  • Party assisted by Zhent commander who gives them a sending stone.
  • Party escapes into crypt below temple.
  • Party begins traveling through the crypt mercilessly slaughtering all who stand in their way.

Day 7- Eleint (September) 1: Party reaches end of crypt and relative, albeit temporary, safety

  • Party receives first sending from the stone given them by the Zhent Commander.
  • Late morning: Party emerges from safe room and attempts to make it to the nearby gate.
  • Party engages in skirmish with the Zhents and witnesses battle between dragon and beholder in which the dragon triumphs.
  • Party waits until night fall before emerging again and attempting to cross the city.
  • Party finds refuge with a group of smugglers who have taken control of the Roaring Dragon. The smuggler leader, Black Bart, offers to sell them equipment at a significant markup.
  • Bart tells the party of a tunnel under the walls of the Inner City, located in a Zhent Warehouse.

Day 8: Party spends the day at Roaring dragon

  • Party receives another sending.
  • Party waits until nightfall before setting out for warehouse.
  • Pitched battle ensues but party is able to find the tunnel.
  • Their retreat and actions are covered by the arrival of the smugglers who are also looking for a way to leave the city.
  • The party spends the night in the tunnel.

Day 9: Party emerges into the outer city

  • Party receives another sending, discovers the other stone is held by the brother of the fallen commander.
  • Ward receives sending from his parents.
  • Party attempts to sneak past the front by turning invisible.
  • Gao’s wild magic almost undoes the entire exercise.
  • The party finds a hole in the outer walls and successfully escapes Zhentil Keep.
  • They travel as far as they can before night falls and make camp.

Campaign Timeline

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