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This is going to be a long email. Paragraphs which start with bolded text are the important bits, so make sure to at least pay attention to those.

Campaign Wiki: First off I’m going to be maintaining a campaign website/wiki at: https://dagor-bragollach.obsidianportal.com/

All of the information in this email and a lot else besides will be found there. Though you may notice that at the moment it’s a little sparse, I wanted to get this out to you so you could start planning your characters while I work on the campaign.

Setting: The campaign will be set in the Forgotten Realms, Highharvestide (end of September beginning of November) of the year 1357. Specifically it will start in Zhentil keep.

A note about the setting, most of what you know about the Forgotten Realms will be true in this setting, but not all of it, and some of the things I change will be fairly major. You might consider those sorts of things rumors which turned out not to be true. For instance, as a non-binding example there might not be any Chosen of Mystra, that could just be a rumor made up to explain particularly powerful wizards. That said, knowledge about the Forgotten Realms will come in handy, but I’m hoping to make it so that not having much knowledge will not be a big deal. In particular anything that’s really important will be in the wiki. Additionally anything not definitely labeled as “unconfirmed” or “rumor” that appears in the wiki you can count on being true.

Also the Grand History of the Realms, which you’re welcome to reference, is on DropBox.

Party Formation: I would like all of you, working together (some brainstorming may be required), to come up with a reason why you’re together and why you’re in Zhentil Keep.

It can be just about anything. If you all want to be Harpers that’s great. If you’ve been gathered together for some heist like Oceans 11 that’s good too. Obviously some ideas are going to some input from me, but I’d like you to come up with a unifying force of some kind before the campaign starts. And it has to be something that puts you in Zhentil Keep. Other than that I don’t care very much, though something which makes the entire party evil may make things more difficult.

If everyone wants to play a fighter, or no one wants to play a cleric (as an example) I will work around that, but I find a well balanced party to be more fun anyway, but I’d rather people play what they want then force people to play something just so the party can be balanced.

Character Creation: (This whole section is important)

  • Maximum Hit Points.
  • Stats – Mixed Point buy and rolling
    • 14 points to spend on three stats using PHB rules (maximum stat is 15)
    • 4d6 drop the lowest for the other three stats
      • Must use die roller (http://www.pbegames.com/roller/) and email me the results
      • Can reroll if not at least +3 among all three rolls or if you have less than a 6 on a roll
    • You can arrange the rolls and the point buy stats anyway you want.
  • Starting gear will generally come from your class and background, but if you’d rather just have the money and buy what you want then use the starting wealth in the PHB and just assume you rolled a “3” on all of your d4 rolls.
  • Other than that just follow the guidelines in the PHB, I am open to tweaks, but you’ll have to run them by me.

House Rules: There will be a fair number of house rules I’m sure, and they’ll all be posted on the wiki, for now there is just one. I’m replacing the Inspiration system with a Aspects system. You’ll choose three aspects, one has to be negative. During the game I can make you take disadvantage on a roll based on your aspect by giving you a token, you can use that token, based on your aspect, to get advantage on a roll.

  • Everyone will start with one token.
  • Aspects should be qualities, something cinematic. Some examples:
    • If I haven’t been there I’ve read about it
    • Not in the Face!
    • Doesn’t Suffer Fools Gladly.
    • I owe Old Finn everything.
    • Smashing is always an option.
    • A Sucker for a sob story.
  • The Negative aspect has to be something that could be considered a disad in champions, i.e. DNPC, code of honor, etc.
  • I will probably also give each combat an aspect which I can use in a similar way, for example if the room is cluttered I may give you disadvantage on acrobatics checks, similarly you could spend a token to get an advantage on stealth.
  • I’ve put a copy of the Fate Corebook from which this system is taken on Dropbox
  • It’s possible I’ll use the aspect to have the character do something you, as a player may not want to do. You’ll still definitely get a token in this case, and I will go by majority rule. If a majority of the players don’t think the aspect in question would lead to the action I’m suggesting than I’ll retract it, but then you won’t get the token either.
  • This system does not replace alignment, but it will downplay it somewhat. But you could take an aspect like “REALLY Lawful Good” which would put your alignment back front and center.

I think that’s enough to get things started. As always questions, comments, discussion, sniping, insults, aspersions, praise, tangents, nonsense and misanthropy are always welcome.

Full Intro Email

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